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Dear Colleagues

Since 1973 of foundation, the ChungRim Publishing, an imprint of ChungRim Interactive Co., Ltd., has published over 1,000 books in the various fields of law, business, cultural and social science, literature, language, living and leisure, as well as monthly journal called Jurist.
During 30 years the ChungRim Publishing has published many valuable books, so we got "the Prize for the Korea Law Culture" and "the Prize of the President", and so on. And many of our books have been recommended as superior ones by the Korean Government and Korean publishing organizations.

Also the ChungRim Publishing has released many best-sellers, for example "Business@the Speed of Thought" by Bill Gates and "The Essential Drucker" by Peter F. Drucker, and "Jack!; Straight from the Gut" by John F. Welch, Jr.. They have been very successful in Korea and been loved by Korean readers steadily.
In addition, we are looking forward to publishing another huge title of the Korean translation edition of the "Future of Wealth" by Mr. Alvin Toffler who is one of the most prestigious and influential authors in the world. It must be one of his monument masterpieces like "Power Shift", "Future Shock", and "The Third Wave".

ChungRim Interactive Co., Ltd. also does the business of legal contents service named the KOLIS (the Korean Law Information Service) for both general people and jurists.

We are always trying to do our best to publish both informative and interesting books for our readers and to impart valuable knowledge to Korean people.
Now, we, the ChungRim Publishing, are ready to share of our vision of business with you and to make a good partnership, too!

Thank you!


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